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Train Like Lance Armstrong in LIVESTRONG's Fitness Fusion Contest!

Make Peter Park your virtual trainer to get fit like Lance Armstrong! (Photo courtesy of LIVESTRONG)

Written by Brittany Vickers, editorial intern

Are you ready for the 2012 Tour De France this summer? We’ve all dreamed of being as good as Lance, and LIVESTRONG is giving us a chance to see how he gets it done. Add some Armstrong-inspired workouts to your routine and gear up for your own personal tour de fit!

Right now LIVESTRONG Fitness is hosting a Fitness Fusion Contest running until June 30, when you can get workouts from Lance’s personal trainer, Peter Park, and enter to win weekly prizes and a fun grand prize to keep you training like Lance for life!

You can get started by checking out the LIVESTRONG by Johnson's website for info on Park’s workouts for beginners. But if you're feeling ambitious, go big and download the total 12-week plan that includes tons of strength and cardio moves. If that seems like a little much, don't sweat it— you can add in a few exercises of your choice whenever you’re feeling adventurous.

Looking like the female version of Lance isn’t bad for motivation, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when you throw in a few prizes. Especially when the grand prize is a treadmill, elliptical or bike to call your own! How do you get in on the freebie action? Keep track of your training via social media by posting on their Facebook or Twitter with the #itrainedlikelance hashtag to enter the drawings.

Now tell us: What piece of home equipment would you want to win?