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Fit Blogger We Love: Bee Goes Bananas

Bee loves a sweet treat every once in a while!

Bee Goes Bananas reminds us of the simplicities in life. Even when her days are jam-packed with activities, she takes the time to relax with her loved ones and just be (or bee!). Her most important rule? Make sure you're having fun! We think that's something everyone should incorporate into their daily routine more often, don't you? Bee let us in on exactly how she likes to live it up and what piece of technology she can't live without. You might be surprised!

My favorite way to work out: I used to spend day after day at the gym just going through the motions, doing the same interval workout on the same elliptical machine. That isn't fun! I've learned to incorporate fitness into my daily life, whether I'm horseback riding, hiking with my dog, taking cycling classes or keeping up with the kids at work. I try to switch it up as much as possible to keep me excited and always wanting more!

5 things I can't live without:

  1. My loved ones! My husband; my dog, Zeke; my family; friends; horses—I love them all!
  2. My camera. Ever since I owned my first one, it's been attached to my hip wherever I go. I always have two cameras on me at any given moment, if not more!
  3. Cereal. I've tried giving it up, but I just can't do it. I've learned moderation with cereal, though—I only eat one bowl a day now.
  4. Asics GT2150 running shoes. I have flat feet and I overpronate, but these shoes keep everything in alignment so I can comfortably move around all day. [Editor's note: Find your perfect sneaker in our 2012 sneaker guide in the April issue!]
  5. My cell phone. I know, it's so bad! But I use it for everything. It's my cookbook, interval timer, nutrition consultant and camera, along with many other things.

I'm happiest when I'm: On a horse! There's nothing more peaceful and grounding than spending time with one. My favorite way to unwind at the end of a hectic day is to hop on one of my favorite horses bareback and feel connected to their every step.

My fave fit snack: A small peanut butter and banana wrap. I spread a bit of the nut butter on a small whole wheat tortilla wrap, then roll it around a banana. Sometimes I even sprinkle a bit of chocolate protein powder on top of top of the banana before rolling it up. It's easy, fast and doesn't require a lot of ingredients.

My fitness mantra: "Do what you love and love what you do." This isn't exactly a fitness mantra, but I think it's something that carries over to all areas of life. You only live once! I can't stress that enough. Why do something if you don't enjoy some aspect of the process? Try a new sport, pick up a hobby, experiment with healthy versions of your favorite foods. Do anything that will get you moving and help you live a healthy lifestyle, and make sure you're having fun while doing it!

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Samantha Lefave

Samantha is a writer who is living, eating and sweating her way through NYC. You can find her running half-marathons like it's her job, Instagramming her favorite food and fitness finds or, let's be honest, eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

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