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Music Monday: The 'Trick Your Body' Playlist

Trick your body to push to the end. (Photo by A. Green/Corbis)

April Fool's Day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean we're done playing pranks yet. Instead of pulling harmless jokes on others though, try fooling yourself. Flywheel Sports cycling instructor Aleah Stander designed this hot playlist for us - every beat's there to trick your body into working harder! Now that's a game we don't mind playing.

Now tell us: What songs make you work harder without realizing it?


Samantha Lefave

Samantha is a writer who is living, eating and sweating her way through NYC. You can find her running half-marathons like it's her job, Instagramming her favorite food and fitness finds or, let's be honest, eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

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