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#140Wednesdays: What Are the Ingredients of Your Favorite DIY Snack?

Snacking is a perfect way to keep from overeating later in the day. (Photo courtesy of Chris Gallo)

Ever since we were in kindergarten, snack time has been something to look forward to. After all, the options are pretty endless. (Sweet! Salty! Crunchy!) That's why for this week's #140Wednesdays we want know what your DIY go-to nibble is when hunger strikes. Read some of the responses below to get some healthy noshing inspiration.

@Shazsc06: Ants on a Log: Put peanut butter in the crease of a celery stalk, then place the raisins on top of the peanut butter.

@jrs14usa: I dip grapes in Greek yogurt and freeze them! Awesome when you want a guilt-free frozen treat!

@lcarolinec: Multigrain Cheerios and unsweetened almond milk!

@15Sunshyne: A banana protein shake.
Now tell us: What is your favorite healthy snack?

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