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7 Ideas to Add to Your Running Bucket List

Dimity, left, and Sarah bond over their mutual love of exercise. (Photo by Nicole Morganthau)

Five years ago, Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea immersed themselves in running while training for the Nike Women's Marathon together. While they had support from one another, they realized that there weren't many resources to help working moms balance race training with life.

"There is a huge community of women just like us: women who get up before the sun rises, lace up and head out," McDowell says. "We wanted to write a book that spoke to those women—our tribe—that addressed the various reasons why we run." And that is how Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving—and Not Lose Your Family, Job or Sanity was born. The pair's new book, Train Like a Mother, hits stores today and "fills in the gaps." You'll find motivation tips, "motherly advice," funny anecdotes and nine busy-woman-friendly training plans for races from 5Ks to marathons.

We laughed, nodded in agreement and dog-eared countless pages while reading Train Like a Mother, but nothing stood out quite like the running bucket list. It's like a fitness game full of fun challenges that you can start today! Here are a few bucket list items from the authors to get you started—check out the book for more or brainstorm your own ideas that will inspire you to "run this mother!"

  1. Get a non-running friend to drink the Kool-Aid, then guide her through her first race. (Bonus points for letting her cross the finish line in front of you.)
  2. Plan a vacation around a race.
  3. Register for a race the day before, just because you feel like it.
  4. Wear a shirt with your name on the front in a race so spectators can cheer for you.
  5. Be on a relay team, either for a marathon, triathlon or longer 12-person relay race.
  6. Use the phrase "track workout" casually in conversation.
  7. Write down all the thoughts you have after a great run or race, then refer to them when your mojo goes MIA.

Now tell us: What is on your running or fitness bucket list?