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#140Wednesdays: If You Could Only Eat One Thing For the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

What's your food fetish? (Photo courtesy of Laura Doss)

You can stuff yourself with salad until you're blue (err, green?) in the face, but everyone has one food they just can't resist. We're right there with you! At any given day at the FITNESS offices we are faced with some pretty sweet temptations. Birthday cupcakes, treats from PR gals and leftover bagels in the kitchen are just a few that haunt our floor. But even cupcakes lose their luster after a while, so we had to know—if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Read below for what our Twitter followers said, we were pretty surprised by your picks!

@36laps: Healthy: Spinach. Not Healthy: Cookie ice cream sandwiches.

@StacyLazar: Cucumbers. I think I'd get sick of everything else, even gummies. (Wait, does wine count?)

@merv268: Probably #pizza (with #chickenbreast) because you can pick stuff off if you want to!

@Half_The_Girl: Cherries, or mangoes!

@Balanced_Life_: Cereal! I could eat it forever. If only it was more wholesome.

@jessicareyes: A Philly cheesesteak.

@mgenestra: Breyers Light Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

@kkthetilelady: Spaghetti squash!

@TheLittleModel: Dark chocolate-covered strawberries, please!

@GradZimm: Fresh mission figs with mascarpone cheese on graham crackers. Heaven!

@ephi22: Eggs because you can make them so many different ways!

@chefalecia: Cheeseburgers. But I also can't live without my juicer. #chard #kale

Now tell us: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would yours be?