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Kicking and Cleaning with Kelly Ripa and Soccer Star Brandi Chastain

For everyone who spent this weekend running around in the springy weather, you probably now have a pile of dirty clothes to show for it. And while doing laundry may not be on your top ten favorite things to do in life, Kelly Ripa and World Cup Champ Brandi Chastain made it look fun hosting a soccer clinic on behalf of Electrolux’s Kicking and Cleaning campaign at Chelsea Piers in NYC last week. We got the chance to sit down with both of the busy moms to steal some of their time-saving tips, fitness routines and healthy eating tricks. Read below to become a professional multitasker like these two and then do something good today! When you share your kids’ proudest moments on the Electrolux Facebook page, Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Tell us about Electrolux’s Kicking and Cleaning initiative. Why is this program so important? Brandi Chastain: The clinic is about getting kids active and involved, both boys and girls. When you have a boy you assume he will play sports, but it’s just as important for girls to get started in sports at a young age too. And with the Electrolux partnership it is a perfect fit. Helping keep kids clean and confident is an important part of being a mom. I can relate even as an athlete. As a player walking onto a field with a white U.S. jersey, you take pride in representing your country and it just looks better if it isn’t dingy and dirty!

Between being mothers, wives, hosting and making appearances, your schedules are packed. What is the best time-saver you have picked up along the way? Kelly Ripa: For me it is making a schedule. My family runs very well on a calendar. Of course life can sometimes get in the way and you have to veer off course but I find if we lay everything out ahead of time like who is picking the kids up from practice and dropping them off, we just operate better.

BC: It’s all about having a support system and multitasking. When my kids started going to a new school I only had time to exercise right after I dropped them off. I knew I needed some help to follow through so I got the other moms dropping off to gather in the parking lot to exercise, then grab coffee or tea after. It was not only a way to make friends but also establish a support system, since we are all doing it together.

Kelly, how do you manage to squeeze in exercise with such a busy schedule?

KR: I love SoulCycle. Even if I have to get up extra early for a 6 a.m. class I’ll do it because I know it will benefit me in the long run. I’m not even talking about physically, but just taking that little bit of time out for myself is extremely important. It helps me be a better coworker, mom and definitely a better wife. And if I have to get up earlier to fit something like that in then I know I will sleep well that night!

Brandi, is there one exercise you’re just not a fan of?

BR: I really like to exercise, and I’m not just saying that! I’m pretty adventurous, so it doesn’t matter what it is, I’ll try it. The one thing I probably couldn’t do all the time would be marathon running. I did the NYC Marathon a few years back for charity and had about a month to prepare. I did one 20-mile run around a half-mile radius of my house in case I couldn’t finish it. I did it, but come race day those last 6 miles were brutal. I was on a runner’s high for about an hour after the race, and then I had to go to bed!

Kelly, what’s the best diet tip you’ve picked up to maintain a healthy weight?

KR: It is really hard to stay on the straight and narrow when you are traveling or just busy in general. My big thing is if you are going to cave and eat that cupcake or whatever it is, just do it and move on. Don’t dwell over it and beat yourself up because that just feeds into the cycle. Make a choice, deal with it, and make a better choice the next time.

There have been quite a few hosts filling Regis’ spot until his replacement is announced. Any funny bloopers from past co-hosts?

KR: Everyone has honestly been so great. We have been pleasantly surprised. We keep waiting for the dud and we haven’t gotten one yet, so we are really lucky!

Brandi, your penalty kick at the Women’s World Cup in 1999 is one of the most talked about sports moments. Do you still remember how it felt to make the winning goal?

BR: Absolutely. It was such an incredible feeling. Even now when I watch it on video I get nervous, and I know it’s going to go in! That moment was so calm for me though. There were no nerves, everything was quiet. It was just a really awesome moment to be able to contribute to the team like that.