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#140Wednesdays: What Do You Think About When You Exercise?

Think positive thoughts to keep on trotting. (Photo courtesy of Lynda Churilla)

Studies have shown that exercise can strength train your brain, but sometimes it's your brain that can strength train your workout. Picturing a place, goal weight or even a person (Gisele Bündchen abs, anyone?) while you sweat can help you kick up the intensity and navigate you out of a routine rut. Want to know what other people are thinking about every time they lace up? Read below and then share your mental mojo in the comments below.

@runbangrun: I think about how blessed I am to have a body that supports me despite the way I've treated it in the past. #140Wednesdays

@GettingTo120: I try to focus on how my muscles feel. Sometimes my mind strays and I think about ice cream.

@LetsDoThisTrish: I'm doing this for my health and the baby's. Healthy, Happy Mama=Healthy, Happy Baby. #Pregnant

@cherielianne: About how awesome it'd be to be featured in your mag in a Before and After spread featuring my weight loss journey! #IDidIt

@Tricia25Bev: I think about the summer and all the outfits I would like to fit in and my friends wedding, to fit into that bridesmaids dress!

@SushGarci: To give it all you got. it's so hard but only one hour of the day! #140Wednesdays

@ChelseaDB118: I think about my 4000+ mile cross-country bike ride coming up this summer with @4KforCancer!

@MrsPetrillo: I think about bikinis, my husband and my food for the day. Is that weird?!

@AndreaSteffens: I think about what I'm going to bake next to take to work for others to try!

@jenhiraga: I always repeat LMFAO's "Yes" while doing cardio, I imagine a fitter me.

@abs1399: I usually think about how I'm going to look and feel better once I'm done working out. I visualize results!

@M0NST4R: Myself! It's my favorite way of being selfish.

Now tell us: What do you think about when you exercise?