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Music Monday: An Upbeat Treadmill-Ready Mix

When our playlists are feeling a bit stale, we turn to Deekron, also known as The Fitness DJ, to help us switch things up. He's been a friend of FITNESS for years, but word is getting out—he was recently nominated for a Shorty Award (which honors the best in social media) and his recent Treadmill Coach workout album climbed to #3 on the iTunes charts in the Fitness and Workout category!

These songs can help your power through your next workout. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

We challenged Deekron to put together a fun, 30-minute playlist of uptempo songs from different genres. And he delivered! His "Run Around" mix, which he created exclusively for FITNESS readers, would be the ideal soundtrack for your next run, gym trip or dance session.

  • "Sun Is Up," Inna
  • "Off to the Races," Lana Del Rey
  • "I Remember," The Roots
  • "Work Out," J Cole
  • "Paradise," Coldplay
  • "Concrete Wall (RAC Remix)," Zee Avi
  • "Heartbeat," The Fray
  • "Run Right Back," The Black Keys
  • "Bullethead," Van Halen

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