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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Beat Bad Breath


If you're gearing up for a hot date next week, the last thing you want to worry about all night is what's going on in your mouth. Yet bad breath is one of the biggest date deal breakers, and something that can be totally avoided. To help you prep, try these tips from creator of Supersmile and New York City dentist Dr. Irwin Smigel. Happy smooching! 1. Use a dollop of aloe vera when brushing your teeth. It has the ability to kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses that live in your mouth. 2. If tongue cleaners aren't at your disposal, brush the back of your tongue with baking soda. It will remove toxic acid that can lead to stale breath. 3. Make your own peppermint oil or tea tree oil mouthwash. These antibacterial herbs are a natural way to freshen up. 4. Drink plenty of water! Dry mouth is the leading cause of bad breath. 5. Go green with your diet. Green foods that contain chlorophyll are internal purifiers. For a quick freshener while you're out, try Supersmile Quikee On-the-Go Tooth Polish. By putting a drop on your tongue and smoothing over your teeth you'll get a blast of mint flavor while also instantly whitening your chompers. Perfect for any dinner that includes red wine!

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