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#140Wednesdays: What Do You Love About Yourself? #ilove

Move over, Superwoman. We've got serious confidence this month. (Photo courtesy of Lynda Churilla)

In our February issue of FITNESS (on newsstands now!) we wanted to start the Valentine's Day love fest a little early by celebrating a very important person – you! We've been asking you all month to tweet something you heart about your mind, body or spirit. Read a few below and give yourself an e-pat on the back by tweeting @FitnessMagazine with the hashtag #ilove and what you're swooning over lately.

@FitnessMarianne: #ilove that I can still run a 10-minute mile even after taking a year+ off because of injury. #crosstrainingworks

@halfofjess: #ilove that I always stand back up after falling down.

@Jen_Vern: #ilove my hair color! I hope I never have to dye it, because I don't think I could find the color I would want!

@lindametzger: The fact that I recently completed my first fitness goal ever... a 5K! #ilove

@Livin4Laffs: #ilove my determination to work out no matter how tired I may be!

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