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Minka Kelly Shares Her Heart Healthy Fitness and Diet Tips

Minka Kelly at The Heart Truth® Red Dress Collection Fashion Show presented by Diet Coke

Esquire Magazine once named actress Minka Kelly the “Sexiest Woman Alive”, so walking in the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Fashion Show to raise awareness for women’s heart health should be a breeze, right? Not quite. “I’ve been nervous all week!” Kelly said, when we got the chance to chat with her on her new ambassador title with Diet Coke. We caught up with the brunette bombshell hours before showtime to get the scoop on how she lives a heart healthy lifestyle, the exercises she swears by, and more.

Tell us about your partnership with Diet Coke and Heart’s Truth Red Dress Fashion Show. What made you decide to get involved?
Before I started working with Diet Coke as an ambassador, I wasn’t even aware that heart disease is the number one killer for women. I figured this would be a chance for me to use my voice and let other women know to how important it is to eat right and exercise to keep your heart in good health.

How do you manage stay in shape, especially with such a busy schedule?
I try to do yoga every morning at 7 a.m.; it’s good to get your workout out of the way early.  I also work out with my trainer Gunnar Peterson two days a week on top of that. I owe him a lot of credit for the shape I’m in because I love to eat! I have to workout extra hard to balance my love for food out.

Do you have one body part you find trickier to tone up than others?
I tend to be heavier on my bottom half; I have big legs and big booty! I do a lot of lunges and squats to make sure all of that doesn’t fall down to my knees. I’m trying to defy gravity!

What’s one body part you’re especially proud of?
My mother always told me growing up that I had a beautiful neck, so I would say my collarbone. I think it is one of the most elegant parts on a woman’s body. Other than that I work hard for the body I have, none of it was just given to me.

Heart health and diet are directly related. What’s one diet tip you live by?
Portion control is really important and something I definitely had to learn to maintain my size. But you don’t have to deprive yourself of what you love. When you do that you’re bound to eventually cave and then you end up making an ever bigger mistake than if you had just had a little bit of what you wanted. I try to satisfy my cravings in small portions. I’d rather have one good cookie instead of five diet cookies.

Most people tend to crave either sweet or salty. Which one are you?
Both! When I have too much sweet I have to have something salty. I can’t just pick one and stick with it!

When you do want a treat, what do you reach for?
I’ll usually have a few piece of chocolate or some almonds. I try to steer clear from chips, those can get dangerous.

If we were to open your fridge, what foods would we find in there?
A lot of pressed juices. I have a green mix from Dr. Bo Wagner that basically has every vegetable imaginable in it that I’ll make in the morning. I really like to make breakfast at home so you’ll also find eggs. Other than that, it’s pretty bare!

Have you picked up any confidence-boosting tips for the runway?
I haven’t picked up many! I wish I had a lot of supermodel friends. One of my friends said I should walk on my tippy toes, but I tried it and just can’t do it. I’m going to do my best and stay calm. Getting down and back in one piece is all I can ask for.