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Should Soda Be Taxed Like Alcohol and Tobacco?

A glass of soda may be a bit more pricey if a tax is approved. (Photo by Jack Miskell)

The debate around whether or not consumers should be taxed more for soda continues to spread, as the journal Nature recently published additional expert opinions. A few of their points, which are in line with numerous other reports:

  • More and more scientific evidence suggests chronic sugar consumption has a slow-moving, complex—but devastating—role in metabolic syndromes, such as hypertension and diabetes.
  • This class of diseases cost the U.S. $65 billion a year in lost productivity and $150 billion in medical care.
  • A levy on added sugars would help meet the growing costs of sugar-related health problems and discourage consumption.

Tobacco and alcohol are both already taxed differently, and we can't help but understand why scientists (and the government) feel that soda might be the "new" cigarette or scotch.

Should there be a tax on soda? Tell us what you think, below!