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#140Wednesdays: What Image Do You Keep Handy to Reach Your Fitness Goals? #GoalGetter

What's 10 more minutes on the treadmill for a flat abs like these this summer? (Photo courtesy of Ericka McConnell)

We all use different techniques to get through a particularly tough workout, but one of the biggest motivators are images. Thanks to the latest Web-obsession with Pinterest (Are you following us? Click here to do so right this minute!) We've been seeing tons of goal getting pics from sculpted hot bods to warm destinations where the only appropriate clothing to don is a bikini. So we decided to ask you, what image do you keep handy to help you reach your fitness goals?

@BethClark410: Me at my heaviest. It's on my phone as a reminder to never go back and to keep moving forward. #goalgetter

@StacyLazar: Delicious and healthy meals waiting for me at the finish line.

@tattoo54: I keep my starting photo many places to remind myself to maintain my 90+ lb. loss. #goalgetter

@sjcowboys5: My wife keeps pictures of Jen Nicole Lee. #goalgetter

@JaclynCarnazza: This one! #goalgetter

@LNLellaa: A picture of myself when I was at my absolute best fitness-wise. In a swimsuit nonetheless! #goalgetter

@KateWilliamson: I have a photo of @KourtneyKardash in a bikini taped to my treadmill. I'll get that body if it kills me! #goalgetter

@mae_evans_lee: I have my calorie counter on both my phone and computer.  I also have a goal dress up on my wall, I need a new one now!

Now tell us: What motivational image do you use to lose weight or stick to your fitness goals?