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Hot Topic Tuesday: What If You Got Fined for Skipping a Workout?

Would this app keep you motivated? (Photo by Alexa Miller)

Many of us pay a hefty price for a membership, but what if it cost you more money not to go to the gym? That's the concept behind GymPact, an app for your iPhone or iPod Touch (and soon to be on the Android), that lets you set a penalty fee if you don't stick to your gym agenda.

How does it work? You tell the app the number of times you want to go to the gym every week and the amount you're fined if you don't meet your goal. At the gym (or your local park, yoga studio or swimming pool), you can check in using your iPhone's GPS or Wi-Fi on your iPod Touch. If you meet your weekly schedule, you'll get cash from the people who missed their workouts.

Now tell us: Have you tried GymPact? Would getting fined make you stick to your fitness routine?