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10 Best Bodies at the Golden Globes

Kate Beckinsale at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage

Who really rocked it on the red carpet at Sunday night’s Golden Globes? The stars that looked fit, sexy, sleek—and body confident. Here, FITNESS picks the 10 celebs who stole the show.

Best Body: Kate Beckinsale. Thanks to the intense training she did for the film Underworld, Kate, 37, looked slim and incredibly fit on the red carpet. Working with trainer Ramona Braganza, each of Kate’s exercise sessions consisted of 30 minutes on the treadmill, a circuit training routine and a core workout that included yoga.

Best Abs: Golden Globes winner Claire Danes wore a form-fitting dress that showcased her flat abs and slim waist.

Best Back: Heidi Klum. Her super-sexy backless dress showed off her beautiful back side.

Best Arms: Stacy Keibler. She's known for her 42-inch legs, but in her red-hot dress, George Clooney's significant other proved that her arms are just as sleek and beautiful.

Best Cleavage: Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family star looked va-va voom in a gown with a plunging neckline.

Best Legs: Charlize Theron—the slit in her gown showed off her toned, sexy legs to perfection.

Best Curves: Salma Hayek. Her black and gold dress hugged her body, accentuated every curve and made her waist look tiny.

Best Body After Baby: Jessica Alba. Jessica gave birth to her second daughter just five months ago, but you’d never know it. She looked slim, gorgeous and totally toned, thanks to working out regularly with her trainer (“He’s mean!” she has joked) who makes her do tons of burpees, a move that combines a squat, a push-up and a vertical leap.

Best Butt: Lea Michele's curve-hugging metallic gown looked even better from behind. And she really worked it for the cameras!

Best Comeback: Jane Fonda wins this one for the second year in a row, hands down. She looks fit and fabulous at 74. No wonder she’s still making exercise DVDs!

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