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Make 2012 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

Rock bright heels to add some personality to any outfit. (Photo by Anna Wolf)

Written by Lauren Cardarelli, editorial intern

If your style could use some freshening up—the confidence that comes with it translates to every place in your life!—look no further than these tips from fashion editor, style expert and TV personality Jacqui Stafford. Get the skinny about slimming clothes, and since we are FITNESS, we had to ask about her stay-fit secrets.

What is your favorite current fashion trend? My favorite trend of the moment is a bold cuff. Really great accessories make you stand out when you walk into the room.

What are five essential items or accessories we need in our wardrobes?

  1. To slim over those areas that you are less confident about and get the perfect feminine silhouette, try a dress with draping or ruching.
  2. A waist-cinching belt, creates an hourglass figure for any body type.
  3. Opaque tights are an essential wardrobe item for any woman who wants to appear slimmer. They open up your entire wardrobe, so you feel comfortable to wear shorts, short dresses and skirts.
  4. If you have great legs, boldly-colored heels will draw attention to shapely calves and slender ankles.
  5. For a great accessory that shows off your neckline and shoulders, try a bib necklace. It will create a visual illusion that makes you look longer and leaner.

What’s your top confidence-boosting trick? Before you can be comfortable in the right outfit, you have to be comfortable in your own skin. And it’s important that you get this confidence from within. When you walk into a room, hold your head up high and smile.

How do you stay in shape? I make it a priority to jog for 30 minutes every single morning. For me, I make daily exercise as important to brushing my teeth. My trick is to schedule something that you know you can stick to. Thirty minutes a day seems doable to me, despite my hectic schedule.

What's your favorite snack? Like many women, I am constantly on the go. And when you’re busy, and also trying to lose weight, it’s easy to let yourself forget about your diet. Slim-Fast’s Peanut Butter Crunch Time Snack Bar is my absolute favorite snack, I always keep one in my bag to curb my hunger and keep my diet on track. Stafford has teamed up with Slim-Fast for the “Vow to WOW” program. Visit and make a vow to yourself for the new year for a chance to win $10,000  and a style consultation with Stafford. Who couldn’t use a new wardrobe?

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