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January DVD Review: Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins

Whittle your waistline with Jenkins and her client, Rowland. (Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Trainer)

January's Top Workout DVD: Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins

Best for: Those thinking ahead about (and seeking amazing abs in) their spring break bikinis; anyone with aches and pains in their lower back.

Why it's a star: Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins and her crew, including Kelly Rowland, Grammy winning R&B singer and judge on The X Factor in the UK, teach you fun and challenging exercises that will leave your ab muscles burning. You've seen some of these moves before (bicycle crunches, roll-ups and planks), but the nonstop pace, focus on lower back pain-prevention and the sprinkling of innovative exercises makes this DVD worth an encore in your sweat schedule. You'll feel the burn throughout your core the next day! Bonus: You can join the #SexyAbsChallenge on Twitter with @KELLYROWLAND and @JeanetteJenkins now for five weeks of healthy tips, meals and motivation as Kelly gets ready for the Grammy Awards in February. She's nominated for her song "Motivation!"

Where to get it: $19.95,

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