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Get Fit Like the Stars of the Scorpion King Movies

Selina and Krystal face off in the film. (Photo courtesy of Universal Studios)

Written by Lauren Cardarelli, editorial intern

Ab-tastic actresses Selina Lo and Krystal Vee trained rigorously for their roles in the new Scorpion King 3 movie so they could not only look the part, but also perform their own sword fighting stunts. The starlets’ moves in the action-packed flick, available Tuesday on DVD and Blu-ray, are enough to inspire both yogis and runners alike to sign up for a martial arts class. We got to chat with Selina and Krystal about The Battle For Redemption and their portrayal of the ancient art of Muay Thai for the film. Here’s what we learned about how to kick some butt!

  • It’s hard work, but they make it look so easy! “I train six days a week as my normal routine but before the film started I had specific training for the movie where I trained with the Seng Stung team,” says Selina, whose background lies in a less fluid Wushu style. “I had to learn some choreography as well as Muay Thai moves and adapt to using the film swords.”
  • Get started with a group class. “It is always much easier when you are doing something interactive and you have other people to support you. Start slow and build up your workout as it's easier to conquer things in progressive steps,” Selina says.
  • Don’t give up. “The spinning kick was one of the few ones that was hard to achieve. With determination and discipline, I was able to nail it down,” Krystal says. “Finally I was able to do the spin and open up my hip to get that power kick going.”
  • Replenish after training. “I increase my complex carbohydrate intake by 600 calories when filming to fuel my body for a day of combat. It’s important to give your body the necessary ingredients to perform your best,” Selina says. “I generally eat a lot of complex carbs and white meat, but I’ll also have things like peanut butter sandwiches on set for quick energy releases.”
  • Mix up your workouts. “It's tough to start with, but if you're looking for a whole body workout that's not boring, Capoeira is the one,” Krystal says. “Ballet is very good, too. It works with your core and strengthens every part of your body. Plus it's fun!”

Now tell us: What flicks inspire you to stay fit?