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Family of 8 Runs 10,000 Miles to Inspire Healthier Lifestyles


The week before last Christmas, Dr. Ed Chicoine, a Canadian chiropractor told his family that he wanted to run across the United States and Canada to "create a wellness revolution." He thought that raising awareness and starting a petition—with a goal of one million signatures—would help to influence government policy. "Health care seems to be more like disease care today. Society can save money over the long run if we start thinking of ways to improve health that may be outside of the box, like subsidizing more wholesome foods," Dr. Chicoine says. It took three months for his kids to put their lives on hold, but six out of seven of them decided to join their dad on the "Marathon of Health" journey, which began in Vancouver on May 9. They made stops along the way at schools—"kids like hearing from other kids," one young Chicoine says—and looped around the outer edge of the U.S. They stopped in New York City, and at the FITNESS offices, along the way to chat with us about their project. A few of the best "overheard" quotes from our discussion:

  • Since they traveled in an R.V. designed for two people, "running provided a couple hours of freedom."
  • "We've eaten out about ten times so far and do all of our cooking in the motor home. I really don't know how to cook anything for less than eight people!"
  • "We stock up on a lot of oatmeal since we have that every morning for breakfast."
  • "Driving in traffic is so much more exhausting than running 10 miles!"

To learn more, sign the family's petition and find simple steps to improve your health and longevity from experts working with the family, visit