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Bored No More! How to Find Adventure in Everything

Walker, in red, leads a climber on an adventure she'll never forget. (Photo courtesy of Matthew Walker)

In his new book Adventure in Everything, Matthew Walker chronicles everything from fatherhood to fitness to focusing in our tech-heavy world. Somehow, he's able to connect this all to the confidence and boundary pushing he helps others experience as a mountain guide. Walker discovered how much his clients learned about themselves during long (three- to five-week) mountain treks, and decided to pursue his master's degree in applied behavioral science so he could help them, and others, find their best lives through his coaching. "You're really able to connect with others and develop deep relationships when you're focused on activities of survival, like cooking, climbing and resting. You can apply the lessons you learn on an adventure trip to most other areas of your life," Walker says. Don't have the cash to go on an extended outdoor trip or to hire a personal coach? Here are a few tips from Walker that you can try for free—and with your feet safely planted on the ground!

How can exercise help someone find their best self? When we exert ourselves and meet challenges, we gain clarity on aspects of life that are most meaningful and support our well-being. Keep reading to learn what you can do in the next 24 hours to discover more adventure in your life.

What can we try today to find Adventure in Everything? Try a mindfulness exercise. Do the same workouts you always do, but instead of going through the routine with headphones or a TV, do it without and consciously focus on your breath. Bring all of your senses in—what your body is feeling and what place your mind goes to. It's a simple concept but really challenging in practice to stay present. Awareness brings a sense of energy and gives life meaning. We often lose sight of what is happening with our bodies and what is happening around us. You can also try a U-turn experience. Engage in something totally new and out of the ordinary to experience it with a beginner's mind. So if you're usually a runner, try a Zumba class. You'll feel alive, vital and see everything in that moment through child-like eyes. But you have to be willing to not be perfect!

Is there a quality that helps you determine who is best at seeking this type of adventure in their lives? Curiosity. Those who are open to influence and other possibilities are seeking adventure. This impacts their personal and professional endeavors, because they experience new perspectives and see new ways to solve problems. Curious people have a whole new skill set to solve challenges.

Who, in your opinion, is a good example of living the lifestyle you promote in your book? Lady Gaga is so successful and intriguing because she is totally authentic. She has specific values and tastes, and brings those values to life. Some people are magnetized, while others are afraid. In my opinion, that type of personality brings out fear and anxiety in those that have that personality themselves but suppress it. Steve Jobs is also a great example. People reacted strongly about his passing because he was so strong-willed. He brought his voice forward and wasn't afraid to share it with the world. People want to emulate that. Find more from Walker (including how to book your own adventure if you're interested!) at If you purchase the book, email to receive a free journal to complete the exercise prompts in each chapter.

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