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How the Old Spice Guy Stays Fit (Plus Holiday Presents for Everyone!)

The Old Spice MANta spreading holiday cheer. (Photo courtesy of Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Old Spice)

He's currently busy giving every person in the world a holiday present, but Isaiah Mustafa (aka The Old Spice Guy) doesn't let that from getting in a good workout. We caught up with the fit spokesperson to talk about staying healthy even on a busy schedule:

What's your typical workout routine? I focus my workouts on specific body parts per day. Tuesdays are for chest and back exercises, Wednesdays are core and leg exercises, Thursdays are for shoulders and arms, and then it's back to core and leg work on Fridays. I like to do sports or jog on the weekends and do plyometrics like jumping jacks and explosive lunges  on Mondays to get in cardio.

How do you fit exercise into a hectic schedule? If you've got just five minutes, you can still work up a sweat by doing as many push-ups and sit-ups as you can. Start with one exercise and do as many until you can't anymore, then switch to the second move. Workout DVDs are also a great option. Before working with Old Spice, I did P90X videos at home. Now I'm fortunate to work with Tony Horton twice a week, but those videos got me in shape at home, too.

As a former NFL wide receiver, are sports still a big part of your life? Definitely. I joined a flag football league and a dodgeball league and try to play on weekends. It keeps things interesting.

Do you have tips for eating healthy during the holidays? I follow five rules for healthy eating on any occasion: no meat, no alcohol, no processed sugars, no gluten and no caffeine (Ed note: Wow.).  

And as a treat for you ladies, here's one present among many from the Old Spice MANta.