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A 12-Minute Quickie Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Dear Santa, we've been really good this year—can we get our own set of sculpted biceps like these under our tree? (Photo courtesy of Susan Becraft)

Between the slew of holiday parties, shopping, and traveling to see family members far and wide, squeezing in a gym session can become increasingly difficult this time of year. Once you manage to make it back, you're now fighting off the hoards of resolution go-getters stealing your beloved treadmill and making you wish you stayed hunkered down on the couch watching the Law & Order SVU marathon you deserted to get in a quick burn. If the thought of waiting in a line for a weight machine makes you cringe, try this routine from YouTube Next Trainer participant Susan Becraft, of Strong Like Susan. She created a total body circuit routine exclusively for our readers that you can do anywhere (including your living room as you continue to watch that SVU marathon). Try her workout below to engage your abs in ways you may not have before, perfect your plank no matter what fitness level you are, and more. httpv://  

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