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December DVD Review: Kristi Yamaguchi's Power Workout

Train like an Olympian. (Photo courtesy of

December's Top Workout DVD: Kristi Yamaguchi's Power Workout

Best for: Those with short attention spans—who are ready to sweat!

Why it's a star: Olympian and former Dancing With the Stars champion Yamaguchi leads you through a plyometrics-heavy cardio and total body-focused strength routine that packs a lot of action into 53 minutes. You'll start off with a warm-up reminiscent of the '80s workout tapes on VHS, but don't be fooled. Yamaguchi and her trainer, Erin O'Brien quickly pick up the pace by alternating cardio segments full of jumping lunges, high knees and rotating jumping squats with muscle-building moves like overhead triceps extensions with plie squats. Time flies, as each circuit is less than 10 minutes and offers a solid workout for both your heart and muscles!

Where to get it: $12.99,

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