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Got Inspiration? The Film Autumn Gold Sure Does!

One of the lifelong competitors highlighted in Autumn Gold. He can do a headstand! (Photo courtesy of Autumn Gold)

When searching for motivation to hit the gym, we often turn to pro athletes. Who wouldn't want to have their speed, grace and talent (not to mention ripped abs!). But we were immediately struck by the passion and vitality of the amazing competitors highlighted in the upcoming film Autumn Gold. The documentary follows five individuals from countries across the globe who are training to compete in the track and field World Masters Championships. You might not be able to tell by their quick feet and strong discus throws, but they are all 80 to 100 years old (or should we say young?)! The number of senior athletes continues to grow, although their talents are often overlooked on the news sports reports. But this underground trend is certainly something we can get behind since it's clear that getting your heart pumping is an important way to boost longevity! The athletes candidly admit that their lives are nearing completion, but their competitive spirit refuses to die. Rather than rest or fear what's ahead, they keep fighting and aim to rack up even more gold medals. "I'm wildly ambitious. I hate coming in second. I'd rather come in first," one track star says. "Without sport, life would be too monotonous and easy," another adds. That sounds like the drive of a pro athlete to us! Check out the premiere of Autumn Gold on Sunday, November 27 at 8 p.m. EST on the Documentary Channel.

Now tell us: Who or what sparks your get-fit fire?