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Olympic Snowboarder Hannah Teter's Winter Workout

Looks so easy, right? (Photo courtesy of Eric Lars Bakke/Shazamm/ESPN Images)

For most of us, winter is a time to hole up in the gym, trading in our favorite trails for the treadmill. For Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter, it's prime time to amp up her training routine. We got the chance to chat with Teter about her workouts in both seasons, her favorite moves to nail, and more. Read on and get inspired to hit the slopes this season!

Tell us about your training routines during in season and off?

My workouts during the off-season consist of slack lining (a variation of tight rope walking, with the rope being more slack than pulled tight), surfing, jumping on the trampoline and biking. Slack lining is insanely good for balancing skills, working your core, and mental strength. I love it because you can set it up anywhere, even between two trees. I usually warm up on the slack line and then do 360s, walk backwards, and 180-degree jumps.

Once the summer is over I snowboard pretty much every day, on top of traveling. I recently started to practice Ashtanga yoga, so I'll incorporate that into my workouts during the winter as well.

What activities do you like to do in the off-season when you're not snowboarding?

I love to be on the beach! I'll go on deep sand runs, surf, and work on my tan (so exhausting). I make sure my off-season is well spent!

You suffered a knee injury in 2005. Any special precautions you take before a competition to protect your legs?

I've spent time working on getting my legs very strong. Now my main focus is to make sure they are limber, relaxed, and warm before any competition.

What's your favorite trick to do?

I love to do corked 720s—something about them is just super fun.  

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