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Help Food Deserts Get REAL with Kashi

Blueberries are found in nature. That artificial blue raspberry flavoring? Not so much. (Photo by Bob Stefko)

Imagine this: Instead of stepping into your grocery store and seeing row upon row of shiny, fresh produce items, seeing only bags of chips, cookies and snack cakes. It's reality for 13.5 million people across the country who live in so-called "food deserts," or places with limited access to healthy foods. Kashi is on a mission to solve what they deem "The Real Food Deficit." The food brand known for their seven whole grains is teaming up with health-related charities in the coming months to raise awareness about the complex issue, which encompasses everything from families who have trouble affording the ingredients for wholesome meals to communities with only convenience stores as food outlets. Through the end of November, visit Kashi's Facebook page and "Like" the company's REAL Project Facebook tab or visit their website to like "The REAL Project." Doing so will spread the word to your pals about the issue and HealthCorps, Kashi's partner organization of the month. HealthCorps matches recent college grads with high schools in under-served communities to act as health coordinators and peer mentors, with the end goal of inspiring students to take control of their wellness future. Did you know that about 90 percent of high school students don't eat enough fruits and vegetables? The best part of the program: For every "Like," Kashi will donate $10(!) to HealthCorps or their partner organization that month. Click here to learn more and "Like" away! Now tell us: Are you happy with the food selection in your community or do you find it lacking?