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Face of FITNESS Finalist Spotlight: Melanie Millan

Exercising early in the day keeps Melanie on track. (Photo by Amy Postle)

You've met personal trainer/physical therapist Maria and dance queen Jordan, now learn more about a.m. all-star Melanie. While many are just beginning their casino games on the Strip in her hometown, Melanie is jumping out of bed for an al fresco exercise session!

Melanie Millan, Las Vegas After Melanie, 29, was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity in August, she has completely overhauled her diet. Now she sleeps better, her complexion is brighter and she has plenty of energy for her evening kickball league.

Morning motivation "During the week, I get up at 5 a.m. for bootcamp on the Las Vegas Strip. We run stairs in parking garages, sprint the sidewalks and do strength moves like push-ups and squats. It inspires me to eat well all day so I don't undo my hard work."

Most embarrassing workout song "Anything by Justin Bieber!"

My aha moment "Three years ago, I saw a picture of myself 20 pounds heavier. It made me sad—why wasn't I taking care of myself? The next day my friend and I made a pact to exercise at least three days a week and eat healthier."