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6 Motivation and Exercise Tricks from Fila's Fitness Ambassadors

The gorgeous Fila Ambassadors vogue at their photo shoot. (Photo courtesy of Fila)

Here at FITNESS, we're big fans of non-traditional models getting the opportunity to do a little modeling (see here)! So Fila caught our eye with their new campaign involving women from across the country as their Body Toning System Ambassadors, who also modeled the apparel for ads for the brand. The six fit females are all unique, but all are extremely dedicated to taking care of their bodies and staying healthy. We asked each of the ladies to share their choice workout move, top tip for staying motivated or favorite trick for sneaking in a workout when time is tight.

  • Get creative. "Try chair triceps dips in the kitchen while preparing food or do soup kitchen biceps curls in the grocery store." — Carla Birnberg, wife, mother, entrepreneur and blogger at
  • Frame fitness right. "I see exercise almost like a 401(k) plan. If you invest in it, you will reap the rewards at retirement! I desire to be the best me, and exercise helps to ensure that I can fulfill that on the health front." — Qiana Martin, international soccer athlete, global soccer ambassador and owner of
  • Think twice. "If you feel like a snack, try doing lunges on your way to the kitchen so that you have time to think twice about what you are about to eat." — Kristy Petrillo, wife, entrepreneur and real estate agent
  • Look long-term. "When a workout gets tough, I imagine what it will feel like when done. I think about the way I will look and feel and think about the changes I'm making. When things get painful or tiring, I think of my body as a machine being pushed forward." — Laura Brumund, single mom, social worker, family counselor and fitness trainer
  • Find a soundtrack. "I'm always looking out for new music everywhere—my D.J. Spinning instructor, the radio, friends, music postings on Facebook and YouTube! And I recently discovered the music site Spotify." — Mariana Santos, wife, mother and aspiring lifestyle media professional
  • Boost your balance. "My favorite move is the one-leg stand. Try it by balancing on your left foot and lifting your right knee up. Bring your left elbow to your right knee, then switch sides. Hold your foot in the air longer to max out the workout." — Phyllis Spencer, single mom, New York City police officer and fitness teacher

Now tell us: Who would you most like to see get a modeling gig next?