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Music Monday: Better After Breakup

So it wasn't "happily ever after." Ditch the doldrums with these tunes! (Photo by Jeff Harris)

After Kim Kardashian announced her impending divorce last week, the nation has been talking a lot about breakups. While we can't all relate to a "two-night event" TV special for our wedding or a 20.5-carat engagement ring, nearly all of us have experienced a rough breakup at one time or another! One thing that's sure to make us feel a bit better during tough times? Hitting the gym to sweat out stress! So here are our top 10 empowering workout songs, all by strong females, to put you in the mood to get moving.

  • "Cowboy Casanova," Carrie Underwood
  • "Stronger," Britney Spears
  • "Rumour Has It," Adele
  • "I Forgive You," Kelly Clarkson
  • "Get Myself Together," Robyn
  • "You Had Me," Joss Stone
  • "Blind," Ke$ha
  • "Mama's Broken Heart," Miranda Lambert
  • "Gonna Get Over You," Sara Barreilles
  • "Don't Speak," No Doubt

Now tell us: What helps you feel more like yourself again after a breakup?

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