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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Wrap-Up


As October draws to a close, so will much of the discussion about "pink." But women (and men) will be fighting the disease all year long, so here are two more resources that help fighters, survivors and researchers who are all working towards one common cause: a cure.

  • Yoga for Cancer Recovery: Cancer survivor and yoga instructor Claire Petretti created this workout DVD specifically for those going through treatment or recovering from cancer. She holds a Yoga for Cancer Therapy certification, and credits the practice with helping her bounce back from the disease, which she battled in 2010, stronger than ever. A portion of the proceeds from the DVD are being donated to cancer research organizations. ($19.99, Scientific studies have proven the beneficial effects of yoga for cancer survivors!
  • This non-profit aims to improve access to clinical trials so those affected by breast cancer can be aware of all of their options for treatment. Whether you're interested in prevention-related trials or want to learn more about biological therapies (which can help those currently fighting discover the best treatment to block cancer cells' ability to multiply) the resource can help you find it.

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