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Share It Forward and Give Back with O.B.

Girls in Kenya with their Huru Kits. (Photo courtesy of o.b.)

We often take the little things for granted, until we find ourselves having to go without them. Imagine if your menstrual cycle stopped you from going to school and getting an education. For girls in Kenya, this is reality: The lack of affordable and sustainable sanitary protection causes girls to miss up to five days of school a month. This is why o.b. and non-profit Huru International are teaming up with their Share-It-Forward Campaign. How can you help? All you need to do is go on Facebook! For every individual who shares a message about Huru International’s cause via the o.b. Outreach tab on, o.b. will donate one dollar to Huru International. As little as $25 can supply one girl sanitary protection and other health essentials for an entire year. A simple click can help ensure a girl's education and improve her life. Go to to spread the word about this campaign.