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FITNESS Fans Interview Ted Allen of Chopped!

A few weeks ago when we found out we'd be lucky enough to speak with Chopped host, author and food and entertaining guru Ted Allen, we decided to turn the tables and let you, our amazing readers, take the reins for the interview. A few of our Twitter friends (who are also fit bloggers we adore!) passed along the following great questions for Ted, and we couldn't wait to hear what he had to say.

  • @YumYucky: Your career is centered around so much delectable food and drink, yet you maintain a slim and fit appearance. How do you prevent overindulgence and weight gain?
  • @FitBottomedGirl: Just like there are trends in fitness and fashion, there seem to be trends in food. What healthy trends are you seeing?
  • @IowaGirlEats: I've read that you learned from, and are inspired by, your mother's cooking. Me too! What's your absolute favorite dish of hers?
  • @EatingBender: I love to hear about people following their passion, so can you please fill in the blank: When I wake up in the morning, I am excited about my work because...

Press play to hear about Ted's fitness routine, the meal that reminds him of his childhood and what motivates him to jump out of bed for work each day.


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