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Would You Work Out in Your Closet?

See the mats, weights, towel and ball hiding on the right?(Photo courtesy of California Closets)

This setup is the thing some of our dreams are made of: Closets large enough to exercise in, let alone walk in? Unreal! It's like what might happen if Sarah Jessica Parker and Jillian Michaels shared a house. (Wait, can we be roommates too?) California Closets, a company that creates customized storage to fit their clients lifestyles, has seen an uptick in requests for spaces that serve multiple purposes, say, a closet with a coffee station, office and home gym. They claim that this can help people start their days off in an streamlined, stress-free way since everything they want is within the same space (rather than running downstairs for coffee, back upstairs to work on their laptops and watch TV, then to their home gym setup). The company recently put together this massive closet space, which could also be done in a guest bedroom, that acted as an office and home gym as well. Cubbies store yoga mats and blocks, towels and dumbbells, and you can hide the desk space to make the area a zen retreat.

So we'd love to know: Would you ever work out in your closet? Do you have a dedicated space within your house that motivates you to exercise? More from FITNESS: This reader turned her garage into a home gym and lost 30 pounds! Check out how she did it.