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October DVD Review: Tonique Mat

This workout is part Pilates, part old school aerobic toning moves. (Image courtesy of

October's Top Workout DVD: Tonique Mat

Best for: Those with limited home gym equipment looking for an effective strength routine.

Why it's a star: All you need for this terrific toning workout is a mat (and the ability to tolerate a little bit of muscle burning)! Trainer Sylwia Weisenberg, who also created the Express workout in our October issue, leads you through an hour of core, butt, hip and thigh strengtheners on your back, side and knees. Sounds simple, right? Well stacking up moves like a side leg lift with a saddlebag slimmer (see how to do it here) makes for an effective and challenging workout—we were shaking—even without dumbbells.

Where to get it:, $18.95