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Judy Greer Gets Reluctantly Healthy

Check out the first epsiode of Reluctantly Healthy to learn how to make a healthy pantry chili recipe! (Photo courtesy of Yahoo!)

When you really think about it, it's pretty ironic there are a slew of shows on TV dedicated to busy women who need fast recipes to whip up during the week when the shows themselves run anywhere between a half hour to an hour. If you're really that busy, who has time to watch a show on how to not be quite as busy? That's why Yahoo! has decided to launch a new series called, Reluctantly Healthy, a weekly three to five minute Webisode hosted by actress and comedian Judy Greer on how to stay healthy on-the-go, whether you're constantly traveling, work long hours, or just don't have time to constantly watch what you're putting in your mouth. We got the chance to chat with Greer about the series and some quirky tips she's picked up along the way. See what she had to say below.

What makes Reluctantly Healthy different from other shows out there? The fact that it's short and simple is key. No episode is longer than five minutes because busy women don't have time to watch a half-hour show on healthy habits. Each show features myself with a dream team of experts—trainer Tanja Djelevic, chef Jared Sokoloff and nutritionist Carey Peters asking questions on how to exercise faster, eat better and make healthier choices in everyday life.

What made you want to get involved in this new series? I had a lot of questions myself on how to stay healthy on the road and I figured other people are just as curious. I'm lucky enough to have access to people who can answer these questions and doing it on a platform that reaches 26 million viewers is a good way to get the information out there!

What's one of the biggest hurdles you've experience when it comes to living healthy while constantly traveling? For most people I think it's exercise. But for me, it's late night eating. I'm so busy and by the end of the day so tired it's hard to think about what to eat. Plus, if I've had a stressful day I think I deserve a treat and that I can eat whatever I want—not true!

What's one of the most surprising tips you've learned from the show so far? One of my favorite episodes so far is one where we talk to an expert on what foods to buy organic and which ones you don't really need to. I learned that apples you should definitely always buy organic! The expert took an apple, sprayed it with hairspray and told me that was the equivalent to what I was eating when I bought an apple from the grocery store sprayed with pesticide. I have to admit, apples turned me off for a few days after that! I also learned that foods with thick skin that you peel off aren't really necessary to buy organic, since you're peeling the skin off anyway.

Have you picked up any fitness or health tips you can use on the road? Yes! Trainer Tanya Djelevic shows me on one episode an awesome total body workout that you can do anywhere. It's so simple and it just streamlines everything. Another expert also gives me some really great tips on how to eat during the day so I don't snack as much at night. I usually crave salt late at night, but I learned if I eat kale during the day it will help nix my craving. You can't let yourself run on empty, because when you do eat you'll  overdo it.

You can watch the first episode of Reluctantly Healthy, where Greer learns how to make pantry chili at