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A New Way to Shed the Baby Weight

Another calorie scorcher? Baby kisses of course! (Photo courtesy of iStock)

Here's a fun fact: October 5 is one of the most common birthdays in the U.S. In fact, you've probably noticed that there is an influx in birthdays in general between the months of September and October because a large amount of babies are conceived around the holidays.

But with birthdays comes the baby weight. Everyone has it and everyone loses it differently. For those not a fan of logging miles on the treadmill or strength training with dumbells we chatted with Sheila Kelley, creator of the pole dance workout the S Factor to get a new approach to dropping the baby weight and getting your body back faster. Read below to see why this routine might be right for you.

What are some of the biggest body woes women have after having a baby that you've seen with your clients?

The biggest woe is that women lose their shape. Having a baby changes your body (along with everything else!). Your hips and your stomach, the way you walk, even your feelings about sexuality. By trying S Factor, you can reconnect with your body inside and out.

How can S Factor help new moms get their goal after-baby body?

The S Factor workout accentuates a woman's natural S shape with fun, strong, sexy, heightened feminine movement that creates long, lean muscles. Tummy toning, butt shaping and thigh sculpting along with calorie burning moves are all encompassed in ballet, yoga and Pilates-inspired exercises. The workout also strengthens your upper body, and tones your arms, back and waist. Add a spin or two around the pole using the natural momentum of your own body and you're going to get a workout that's effective and way more fun than lifting weights or walking on a treadmill. Plus, the way you move during an S Factor workout helps connect a woman back to her sexy inner power. It's the whole package for your body, mind, heart and soul.

Sounds great! How can the easily intimidated or shy ease their way into S Factor?

S Factor explores the feminine perspective of sensuality and sexuality, which is very different from the male perspective! It's natural and authentic but most importantly— it's fun! It's not all about dancing around a pole—it's a total-body workout to sculpt your muscles and burn fat. All you need to do is try it one time with a friend and you'll feel a light spark within you that'll have you wanting to come back for more!

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