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Woman Walks Across the Country Just Because

Time for a walk! (Photo by Laura Doss)

I immediately thought about Forrest Gump when I heard about 24-year-old Catherine Li, who's walking her way from Daly City, California to New York City with nothing but a Google Map and shopping cart to hold her tent, sleeping bag and other essentials. But that's not the real shocker in her story: Li is making this 3,000-mile trek not for charity or media exposure, but just because she felt like it. You read that right. She's not asking for donations or sponsorships or even Tweeting about her journey. (Though she does have a cell phone with her to let others know she's safe.) "I just felt like walking," Li explained to "I just decided to click over to living in the actual moment instead of inventing all these fantastic fantasies for the future." Kudos to her for going on this adventure and we're glad she's stayed safe and received kindness from the people she's come across. (And we hope a spa is nice enough to offer this lady a free foot massage as soon as she's done!) While I don't think I'll ever make this cross-country trip on foot, Li's story was just the nudge I needed to lace up my sneakers this evening not because I need to put in miles for a training plan or compete in a race, but just because. Now tell us: What do you think about Li's cross-country expedition? And when was the last time you went for a walk or run just for kicks?