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How to Squeeze Exercise Into Your Busy Fall

Yes, you can look this good all year round. (Photo courtesy of Laura Doss)

Yes, you can look this good all year round. (Photo courtesy of Laura Doss)

Collective sigh time: Summer is officially over. And while many look forward to cute jackets, hearty soups, and all the other good stuff that comes with the leaves changing colors, one of the biggest worries about the cooler season is letting our waistlines go now that our bikinis no longer hold a terrorizing reign over us. Rather than bump your workouts up a  notch in March, keep the weight off all year round. Scott Danberg, director of fitness at the Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa in Miami has a few tricks for staying in shape long after you move your bathing suits to the back of your closet. Check them out below:

  • To burn fat, keep your workouts frequent. "The most important element to fitness is the frequency of exercise during the week, rather than focusing on a single workout," says Danberg. "Commitment to a 30-minute routine every day can be more effective than an every other day 60-minute routine."
  • Pump it up. Danberg suggests adding resistance training to your daily aerobic workout. "Muscles burn fat calories. Plus, maintaining muscle mass allows your metabolism to hum along at a higher fat-burning rate."
  • Just move, even when you're not exercising. "The secret is to avoid being an exerciser who stays sedentary before and after a workout. If you're at work, get up from your desk every hour or so and walk around the office. Just getting up is beneficial, every step counts!"

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