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We Tried It: Journey Savory Snack Bars

Journey claims these are superior to other bars since they won't melt in your hiking bag. (Photo by Peter Ardito)

When the new Journey savory-flavored bars arrived in the mail last week, several thoughts popped through our heads.

  • "Aren't nutrition bars usually chocolate-covered or dried fruit and nut-packed?"
  • "These flavors sound like menu items at ethnic restaurants!"
  • "Would someone really eat a bar that tastes like cheese or barbecue?"

The "Travel Bars" range from 180-220 calories each and offer flavors from Thailand (Coconut Curry), Japan (Wasabi Ginger), Italy (Parmesan Romano) and the U.S. (Mesquite Barbecue). Ingredients include whole grains, canola oil, almonds and various spices or natural sweeteners based on the flavor. Our adventurous art director, John Herr, quickly ripped open a Mesquite Barbecue bar and took a big bite. The verdict? "It tastes like someone crushed up barbecue potato chips and mashed them together in bar form," he said. "It's like a meal in a bar, while the usual bars are more like dessert." I have to admit, it was a bit like watching the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fantasy gum scene, in which the characters chew on fantasy gum and experience the taste of a full meal! Find out more about the bars that take you on a trip, according to the company founders who are also avid travelers, at the Journey website.

Now tell us: What flavor would you like for a "meal in a bar?"