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Are You a Lunchtime Exerciser?

If you can't hit the gym at lunch, quick stretches at your desk can have the same perks! (Photo courtesy of Jay Sullivan)

There's a reason some gyms are open 24 hours a day—no two exercisers are alike. But whether you prefer mornings or nights to burn calories you might want to consider another option -- exercising during lunch. According to this Science Daily study, people who exercise during work not only get to cross off their work out on their daily to do list, they are also more productive at work even though they technically logged less hours. The study followed three workplaces’ productivity levels with and without exercise. One group was asked to get in 2.5 hours of physical activity during the week, one group had the option of working fewer hours without the obligation of exercising, and the last group worked a standard 40-hour work week. The results showed that the group who exercised at work were more productive and even had fewer sick days than the two groups who did not exercise. Though not all workplaces permit this option, you can use your lunch break to take a walk with a coworker or even do some stretches at your desk  if you can’t make it to a gym. So the next time you find yourself perusing Facebook during your down time, do something that gets your heart pumping instead!

Now tell us: Do you ever exercise during your lunch break?

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