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An Indoor Workout to Steer Clear of Irene This Weekend

Hurricane Irene can't put a damper on our workout! (Photo courtesy of iStock)

If you haven't heard (which is nearly impossible), there's a storm a brewing! Hurricane Irene has hit the Bahamas and is making her way up the east coast, putting a damper not only on my weekend fun but my long training run as well. If your exercising tendencies are similar to mine, you know that running more than three miles on a treadmill is the equivalent of watching paint dry. After all, one can only watch so many episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians before your gym partners take the remote from you, right? To stick to my half-marathon schedule and fit in my six mile run this weekend, I'm going to mix it up with intervals and strength training in between miles. Take a look at my plan below:

  • Warm up: walk briskly and then a slow jog, 5 minutes
  • Run: 3 miles, adding hills every half mile for 3 minutes
  • Hop off treadmill, do the Superset 3 move (from our September issue, on newsstands now!) to tone butt, hamstrings and quads
  • Run: 1 mile, adding a hill at the half mile mark for 2 minutes
  • Sprint: 1 mile, alternating between a sprint and recovery jog for every quarter  mile (you'll sprint twice and recover twice)
  • Run: 1 mile, followed by a cool down

Now tell us: How do you beat boredom when the weather takes your workout indoors?