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Found! The Perfect Fitness Wardrobe Foundation

Finding the right underwear can help you focus on what's important—your workout! (Photo courtesy of Fancy Photography/Veer)

Written by Theresa K. Brady, editorial intern

When it comes to selecting the right underwear for working out, many ladies tend to get their panties in a bunch. Whether it’s too tight, rides up or is just plain uncomfortable, everyone struggles at some point to find the right pair for their derrière. Luckily, there are some ways you can be sure that you’re finding the right underwear for your fit life. We asked Marla Horenbein, FITNESS Magazine's fashion assistant, about what we can do to ensure a wedgie-free workout. Here are her top five rules for awesome undies:

  1. Material matters. We all know that cotton soaks up water, and let’s be honest—we all work up a sweat. “Look for technical synthetic fabrics that contain Nylon, Spandex and Elastane,” she says. “They are comfortable, moisture-wicking and breathable.” Your body will also be able to move unrestricted, which is important for workouts like Zumba, yoga or Pilates.
  2. You do have a choice. Most performance underwear fits snug to avoid chafing no matter which style you choose, so it’s all about personal preference. “Some people solely wear thongs and some people can’t part with their briefs, while others like to switch it up,” she points out. Your comfort and range of motion are the important factors. “Just make sure whatever you wear isn’t visible,” Horbein warns. “Whether it’s the unwanted panty line, or a little peek-a-boo over the top of your pants—keep them hidden!”
  3. Avoid the muffin top. The waistband should fit you snug (whether you choose, briefs, boy shorts or thongs), but it should not dig into your skin. Seamless panties are the best way to go because they lie flat against your body. “The same goes for your legs,” she tells us. “If you get red grooves along your thighs your underwear is too tight!”
  4. Cover your butt. If you choose to wear briefs, make sure that your backside is fully covered. Nothing is more uncomfortable (or unattractive) than underwear that is too small or too big. “No one wants to be known as the wedgie-picker at the gym!” says Horenbein.
  5. Performance underwear can still be cute! At FITNESS we love underwear by Zobha. The seamless designs eliminate panty lines and the moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric ensures that you’ll stay dry during your workout. Plus the colors are really cute too! Who says what’s underneath can’t be as cute as what’s on top?

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