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Get Fit Like Chelsea Handler: Tips From Trainer Mark MacDonald

Chelsea wrote the foreward to Mark's book, Body Confidence. (Photo courtesy of Mark Macdonald)

Chelsea Handler is known for her witty jokes, fit friends (how fun would a gym date with Jennifer Aniston be?) and her party-loving attitude. So how does the comedian and talk show host look so fabulous while seeming so carefree about her healthy lifestyle? We turned to Mark MacDonald, her trainer and the CEO and creator of Venice Nutrition to find out. "Reaching your health goals isn't the easiest thing. But it's possible if you make your health a priority and develop a rhythm with your eating and fitness routine. It's really freeing once you set that foundation," says MacDonald, who has worked with Chelsea since 2003. He and his medical board, including a registered dietitian and an osteopathic doctor, help non-celebs optimize their well-being through customized diet and exercise programs as well. Mark stopped by our offices to share four tips that have worked for Chelsea—and can work for you too:

  • Don't skip breakfast. "Eat within one hour of waking up," MacDonald recommends. "Egg whites with oatmeal or Greek yogurt with nuts and berries are great choices. Aim for a mix of protein, fat and carbs and eat every three to four hours for the rest of the day. You never want to be starving or too full."
  • Prepare a "mobile readiness food kit." "Stock items like turkey jerky, fruit, edamame, string cheese and nuts in your car or desk in case you get stuck in traffic or in the middle of a busy project when meal time rolls around,'' Macdonald says.
  • Eat enough protein. Dietary protein helps your body maintain and repair tissue, which is especially important for those who lift weights and are constantly breaking down and rebuilding muscle. MacDonald's favorite sources? Chicken, turkey, cottage cheese and eggs.
  • Sip alcohol with meals. "Chelsea eats really clean and trains hard [Pilates is a favorite, but she also fits in cardio like incline walking or running] so she can enjoy a couple of nights a week at a restaurant with a vodka cocktail or two," MacDonald says. He suggests a meal of protein and veggies, like grilled salmon and asparagus, to go along with your beverage of choice (in moderation, of course).

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