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What's Your Exercise Quirk?

Thank you iPod for playing Rihanna...again. (Photo courtesy of Peter Ardito)

The other day on my morning run a traumatic event happened. My headphones broke (gasp!). OK, so things could have been worse. I wasn't suffering from any broken bones nor was I struck by a car, so in the grand scheme of things everything was just fine. But for anyone who heavily depends on their pump up playlist to get them through a run, bike, strength training session, etc., you know what a huge impact this has on your workout! Finishing up sans tunes I realized that it's not just music that keeps me going through my run, it's certain songs. The playlist that I made when training for and doing the New York City Marathon last year is actually the only thing I listen to when I run. And I don't even shuffle it! I'm at the point where I know exactly what song will play where, and what's coming up next. Some would think this gets boring but for me, it's my motivation. After talking to a few friends, I realized that this might just be my exercise quirk -- my must-have I need to have a successful workout. But I'm not alone. One friend of mine admitted to having a lucky sports bra that she wears for races while another pal has actually kicked someone off "her" bike in a Spinning class because she feels it gives her the best ride! Looks like I got off lucky, I'll take a repetitive playlist over a cycling confrontation any day!

So tell us: Do you have an exercise quirk? What is it?