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Planned Parenthood's Dancing Birth Control

Anything that's free (especially co-pays!) makes us want to dance a little bit too. (Photo courtesy of Blaine Moats)

Now that we've got your attention, let us explain. As you may have heard, The Department of Health and Human Services has ruled that as of August 12, 2012 new guidelines under the Affordable Care Act will require health insurance plans to cover women's preventative services. This includes annual trips to your gynecologist, domestic violence screenings and counseling, and FDA-approved contraception methods that you would get a prescription for. The bottom line? No more co-pays for your birth control!

Clearly, this is something to get excited about  for those who have been paying high co-pays for years or aren't on the pill because they can't afford to pay one at all. Planned Parenthood launched this attention-grabbing video to celebrate the new ruling. Check it out below and go to for more information on the Affordable Care Act.


Now tell us: What's your reaction to this video? Harmless fun or is it a little too much?

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