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Fashionable Livesavers: Hope Paige Medical Alert ID Bracelets

We're too busy admiring the beads to notice this is a medical bracelet! (Photo courtesy of Hope Paige Designs)

Written by Danielle Paquette, Editorial Intern

Don’t sacrifice chic to stay safe. Medical professionals recommend that anyone who suffers from a range of conditions—from asthma and diabetes, to drug, food and insect allergies—wear ID bracelets in case  she requires emergency medical care and cannot explain her needs. Until recently, these ID bands were only available in clunky and boring styles. To remedy this, Shelly Hope Fisher designed cute medical alert bracelets for Hope Paige Designs, which Crystal Bowsersox rocked on American Idol, to please fashionistas at any age. Fisher put a fresh twist on the classic medical ID bands to boost confidence among wearers. “People don’t want to feel defined by their ailment,” she said. “These bracelets let you express yourself while staying safe.” Go to to customize your own band or stop by your local grocery store, pharmacy or doctor’s office to pick up one of these stylish and functional bracelets.

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