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3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Water

Drinking water has never been tastier. (Photo by Scott Little)

With the nonstop heat wave that keeps hitting us this summer, my water consumption is at an all-time high. I've surpassed the recommended eight glasses a day by noon, and between pee breaks and refilling at the water cooler I'm starting to feel a little H2O burn out. To stay hydrated without resorting to high calorie drinks, I've gone on a mission to perk up my water. After some extensive research (otherwise known as me randomly sticking things in water and seeing how they taste), I've come to a conclusion: You can put just about anything in water! Below, my three favorite extras that don't rack up extra calories or a ton of sugar.

  • Mint leaves: One or two of these adds a subtle hint of flavor to your water without completely overpowering it. It's also an aphrodisiac, so slip a few in your hubby's glass too!
  • Fruit ice cubes: Pour your favorite low-cal juice like orange or cranberry into a standard ice cube tray. Once frozen, pop them in to your water for your sipping pleasure.
  • Go coconut: Coconut water is fat-free and has zero sugar. It's packed with electrolytes and actually hydrates you faster than water. Pick this guy over a sugary sports drink to fuel up.

Now tell us: How do you jazz up your water?