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The Latest Yoga Craze

Image trying this out on the water! (Photo courtesy of Jody Kivort)

When reading about our editor's latest summer adventures, it made me think about my own wish list this season—paddleboarding. I've always wanted to try it, not to mention get some ripped arms like fellow paddleboarding lovers Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz!

But after seeing this new fitness craze I think I've just modified my summer feat. Introducing yoga paddleboarding! Originating in Hawaii, yogis decided to combine these two popular sports to create the ultimate fitness class. Classes run approximately two hours with a quick intro on how to navigate around your board before heading out on the water. Though not available everywhere, classes are popping up in cities like Florida, California, Seattle and Washington.

I often steer clear of yoga classes in NYC because of the cramped spaces, and lack of AC, but on a paddleboard out on the water all my excuses are completely invalid! Watch the video below to see how it works. Pretty cool, right?


Now tell us: Do you want to try yoga paddleboarding?