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Fashion Diaries: The Superkini

You know when you cannonball into a pool and you feel your bikini top slide or you get pushed over by a wave in the ocean and you feel like you've lost your bottoms? Well fear no more ladies, the bikini bloopers can be gone forever with one simple cure. O'Neill, one of our favorite surf brands, has come to our rescue with one of the coolest bikinis ever: the SUPERKINI, the bikini that sticks with you. Literally.

Here's how it works: By using a brand new material called NANOFRONT (it's super comfortable!), there is 200 percent more grip than a standard Lycra suit, which creates a greater frictional force when wet. This will ensure minimal bikini slippage. Hello, new best friend!

Check out this cool new video that O'Neill has released about the Superkini One Way Runway. We're amazed how well it actually works! It will be available next spring.


Now tell us: Have you ever had a swimsuit mishap?